BMWi8 to Come with Gorilla Glass Rear Window

August 9, 2013 / No Comments

If you thought smart gadgets have the monopoly over Gorilla Glass, you need to think again. For, the Gorilla Glass feature will be present in the upcoming BMW i8 too.

BMW i8  BMWi8 to Come with Gorilla Glass Rear Window

The chemically hardened material, which has proved itself to be more durable, lighter and provides more sound deadening properties, has been chosen by the car maker to spruce up the rear window of the i8.

Though possibly an alternative for windshields of vehicles, Gorilla Glass has been picked only for the rear window of the i8 because of its sound silencing capabilities.

In the i8, Gorilla Glass will be laminated, with two 0.7 mm thick layers of it sandwiching an acoustic sheet.

If you haven’t already heard, the weight of the BMW i8 is less than 3,285 pounds and the car maker has embedded light weight materials in the car’s making.

A carbon-fiber reinforced plastic monicoque is used in the company’s i3 and i8 cars. The use of Gorilla Glass thus does not come as a big surprise. The i8 spruced up with a Gorilla Glass rear window  is likely to be launched within this year.