Brake Trouble Forces Zero to Recall 268 Motor Cycles

August 12, 2013 / No Comments

Zero motorcycles, the American electric motor bike manufacturer, is recalling 268 motorcycles after a brake problem was reported. The company, formerly called Electricross, has been in operations since 2006, and was in the news headlines earlier too for recalls.

2013 zero ds 3 Brake Trouble Forces Zero to Recall 268 Motor Cycles

The reason behind the present recall is a faulty mounting bolt on the front brake caliper, which is likely to corrode. If corrosion happens, the bolt will fail or fracture, which will stop the vehicle, by halting the front wheel.

The immediate stopping of the front wheel will result in a crash of the vehicle. The recall covers its 2011 and 2012 models, S and DS, which is very bad news for the company.

Official notice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration points out that Zero motor cycles will notify the owners about the recall, and after that the dealer will replace the faulty part. The recall is expected to begin in mid August.

Earlier this year, Zero motorcycles had recalled their 128 FX and XU models due to a manufacturing defect with the sealant material in the battery that resulted in the leaking of water into the battery and corroded the battery.

In September 2012 also, the company made a similar move by recalling 315 motorbikes.