ASAP Jet Ski-Paddleboard Life Saving Vehicle is Powered by the Sun

August 13, 2013 / No Comments

Those who wish to go surfing or jet skiing can now do it for cheap with the new ASAP innovation. The new paddleboard made by designer Ross Kemp is part ski and paddleboard, and it costs one third the price of typical aquatic vehicle.  You all very well know that many typical jet skis start at around $1200.

Jet ski ASAP Jet Ski Paddleboard Life Saving Vehicle is Powered by the Sun

This solar-powered paddleboard was originally designed by Kemp for live saving initiatives at sea. ASAP’s idea was adopted during a lifeguard training course, during which Kemp discovered how difficult it is to save people from drowning in water. So he developed an electric paddleboard, a one-person launch craft that helps lifeguards in the sea to rescue people from drowning.

His work in partnership with Virgin CEO Richard Branson resulted in ASAP, and the vehicle also carries an electric motor that can make it travel at around 15 miles per hour.

Since it is a life saving vehicle, it has a sloped central platform so that the rescued person can be slided in quickly.

There is also a V-shaped catamaran hull that cuts through the waves to create smoother rides in choppy waters.

Kemp hopes to sell his solar-powered watercraft to those interested in water adventures. ASAP has already won an award for Best Startup Business in the UK Lloyds, TSB Enterprise Awards earlier this year.