Toyota 400 HP Hybrid-R Concept Ready for Frankfurt Show

August 16, 2013 / No Comments

Toyota’s new hybrid –R concept is ready to be unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The company, which already tried the hybrid concept in its earlier model Prius, is still working to develop new hybrid prototypes. The earlier attempt may not be a super hit, but it is going ahead with another try. The company expects the new model will strengthen their base in hybrid vehicle manufacturing scenario.

toyotahybrid r 1 Toyota 400 HP Hybrid R Concept Ready for Frankfurt Show

The Japanese car manufacturer confirmed that its release in at show will be a hybrid car, that would pair a high-powered internal combustion engine, with several electric motors and achieving a total horsepower of about 400 bhp.

Though the correct technical details of the concept vehicle are not yet available, the company has given out a teaser image of the concept model. The car comes equipped with dual mode control, which allows the driver to select which energy source powers the car.

More details about the vehicle will be available in the coming days. The company will officially reveal the concept at a press conference on September 10.

BMW is also looking to introduce their new i8 at the show, which is the hybrid model under development from the company. Meanwhile, Toyota has sold about 1.2 million hybrid vehicles worldwide the last year.

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