Wireless Devices to Look at TV Towers for Power

August 21, 2013 / No Comments

One of the major issues with existing computing devices is that they require any kind of power source to charge their batteries. And, for charging a battery you either need cords or wires, but as you know, wires are often not convenient to use. If you put a battery on-board the device, it also creates problems, because such kind of batteries need to replaced or recharged at a certain point of time.

ambientbackscatter Wireless Devices to Look at TV Towers for Power

But now a group of engineers from the University of Washington have come up with an excellent solution for this problem, as they have created a new wireless communication system, which lets devices to interact with each other without depending on batteries for power.

This innovative communication technique is named Ambient Backscatter and takes advantage of the radio waves transmitted from TV towers and cellphones.

Wireless devices and other sensors that were capable of sending and receiving data will be able to take power from these existing radio waves and will be capable of exchanging information.

The researchers at the University of Washington have created small, battery-free devices with antennas, so that they can detect, harness and reflect a TV signal to send and receive data to similar devices. And interestingly, these devices don’t need any kind of battery or power source.

The best part of this technology is that, here wireless signals are act as both a source of power and a communication medium.

This Ambient Backscatter technology will be implemented in wearable computing, smart homes and self-sustaining sensor networks in near future.