People Tend to Ignore Trash Looking Things and Give Recycling the Miss

August 23, 2013 / No Comments

You can’t deny the fact that some level of recycling is essential, so that it can save energy and avoid environmental disruption. Despite knowing all the benefits of recycling, we tend to ignore them. A group of scientists has tried to find out the reason behind this and, interestingly study results show that our sense of an object’s utility and penchant for categorizing something as trash, both influence our decision to what we like to recycle or not.

Paper People Tend to Ignore Trash Looking Things and Give Recycling the Miss

The study report  which was published in the Journal of Consumer Research and written by researchers named Remi Trudel and Jennifer Argo, talks of the behavior of co-workers that led them to formulate a hypothesis.

They state that, if a sheet of paper is almost close to the normal size of paper we use every day, then people will feel that it is useful and will like to recycle it. On the other hand, if a waste paper is small, then we’ll see it as damaged and less useful and we tend to throw it in the trash.

The researchers noticed the same behavioral pattern with soda cans. According to them, regular cans were recycled more than 80 percent, while for a half sized can, the recycling rate dropped to less than half.

The study reports suggest that if we want to increase the recycling rate, we need to be concerned over such behavior of the human beings.