Official Debut: Volvo Concept Coupe, Stunning Two-Seater Plugin-Hybrid With 400hp

August 28, 2013 / No Comments

The Volvo Headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden just saw the unveiling of the dashing Volvo Concept Coupe. A car that is touted to showcase the blueprint for Volvo’s future vehicles, the Concept Coupe is an absolute delight both in terms of styling and green credentials. And when covers were coming off of something this important, Greenpacks had to be there! The automobile industry does take plenty of flack for the global carbon emissions. Yet, it must be pointed that they are among the first sectors that actually ash take the green path in a big way. Volvo’s Concept Coupe is a step ahead in this direction.

01 Concept Coupe Official Debut: Volvo Concept Coupe, Stunning Two Seater Plugin Hybrid With 400hp

02 Concept Coupe Official Debut: Volvo Concept Coupe, Stunning Two Seater Plugin Hybrid With 400hp

Fluid and Dynamic Design

One of the things that will please many planet lovers is the fact that Volvo is squarely embracing the Scandinavian design principles and the Concept Coupe shows this off in a sizzling manner. A fluid design, sleek body, low bonnet and roof, along with a highly aerodynamic exterior help improve the fuel efficiency of the car immensely. Reliable functionality, efficiency and a human-centric design were the key aspects that went into the design of the Concept Coupe.

03 Concept Coupe

04 Concept Coupe

05 Concept Coupe

Volvo representatives at the unveiling drove home the point of a human-centric approach that reduces wastage of fuel and increases the output of the car. Beautiful fenders, a distinctive grill, T-shaped DRL lights ensure that form goes hand-in-hand with the functionality side of the Concept Coupe.

Interiors Laced in Scandinavian Minimalism

This once again is great news for those who love efficient and green cars as less indeed is the way forward. Apart from gorgeous leather instrument panel and a dashboard clad in naturally aged wood, the dark-blue woven carpets and the overall minimalism in design is a good thing for those who love to keep things as organic as possible.

Volvo Concept Coupe - dashboard

Volvo Concept Coupe - interior design

Volvo Concept Coupe - interior

The handcrafted crystal gear lever and the radio knob bring in some sparkle, even as the large portrait touch-screen makes the tech-savvy happy.

06 Concept Coupe

Fuel Efficient Plug-In Hybrid

And now we arrive at the crux of the matter. A two-liter high-performance Drive-E petrol engine from Volvo is what primarily drives this hybrid. What is so cool about it, you ask? For starters, it is coupled with an electric motor on the rear axle that cuts down on the petrol consumption significantly by kicking in whenever possible. Delivering a maximum of 400 hp and over 600 Nm of torque, the brand new Drive-E petrol engine from Volvo is ultra-efficient and keeps your fuel bills to an absolute minimum.

07 Concept Coupe

Low on Smoke!

The Drive-E engine from Volvo does more than just deliver loads of power. While it keeps fuel efficiency high, it also cuts down significantly on the carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, Volvo claims it is one of the best on the planet when it comes to high efficiency delivered at low emissions. The smart technology within the Concept Coupe to further help save on precious energy. Sleek aerodynamics obviously enhances this aspect even further.

08 Concept Coupe

Combining exquisite design, great environmental care and premium quality, the Concept Coupe is the first in the series of cars that will pave the path to the launch of the much-awaited Volvo XC90 in 2014. With the company basing its philosophy around Scandinavian design, there is a great chance of seeing greener, cleaner, more powerful and futuristic cars in the years to come.

Now, that was quite a show in Gothenburg!

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09 Concept Coupe

10 Concept Coupe

11 Concept Coupe

12 Concept Coupe

13 Concept Coupe

14 Concept Coupe

15 Concept Coupe

16 Concept Coupe

17 Concept Coupe

18 Concept Coupe

19 Concept Coupe

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