Powermat Wireless Charging Tech to Come in 2014 GM Models

August 28, 2013 / No Comments

Future drivers of some of the 2014 GM models will get the opportunity to charge their mobilephones using Powermat technology. The automaker has decided to start offering wireless charging for smartphones in some of their upcoming vehicles. Although several carmakers are trying to implement wireless charging tech in their vehicles, GM would be the first to offer this technology, says Powermart.

charger Powermat Wireless Charging Tech to Come in 2014 GM Models

Back in 2011, GM invested in Powermat and now looking to expand this partnership by adding the technology in their some of the 2014 GM models. Users just need to place mobile devices onto a Powermat surface fixed inside the car. But for this service, your mobile phone must be capable of recharging through built-in technology.

Unfortunately, there is no single wireless charging standard yet, therefore Powermat’s built-in technology can’t charge normal smartphones. You will also be able to buy a Powermat case to your smartphone, but this will add extra weight to your handset.

GM hasn’t commented on the declarations made by Powermat . Maybe, the automaker is not discussing it because of competitive reasons. Earlier, Toyota also had announced its plans to add a similar feature in some of its 2014 models.