Shower Head Decides How Much Water You Use in the Bath

September 2, 2013 / No Comments

Ever wondered how it would feel if the shower head in your bathroom alerts you when you tend to bathe for too long and waste a lot of water? Stop dreaming. For, here is a device that has been made to alert you when you tend to waste water. The indicator in the shower head alerts you to stop your bath and thereby conserves water.

shower Shower Head Decides How Much Water You Use in the Bath

The illuminated Uji Showerhead gradually changes color from green to red to make the user notice that time to cut off water is fast approaching.

The inventors of this new idea – Brett Andler, Sam Woolf and Tyler Wilson – have given shape to this technology to make people realize the importance of water conservation.  The current prototype of the model becomes fully red after seven minutes of bath.

The inventors have stated that the product reduces the time people spend in the shower by an average of 12 percent, which thereby saves a considerable amount of water. The time limit for the light to turn red would be adjustable when the commercial model comes out.

The device is expected to arrive in the market with a price tag of $50. The inventors are claiming that the device will save up to $85 per year for the users by reducing water and energy consumption.