Toyota 420 Horsepower Yaris Hybrid R Powertrain Details Out

September 5, 2013 / No Comments

Some time ago, we had stumbled upon information that spoke about the new Yaris Hybrdi R concept vehicle from Toyota. The company has now officially revealed the details of its forthcoming model.

toyota Toyota 420 Horsepower Yaris Hybrid R Powertrain Details Out

However, almost all enthusiasts out there have been nursing doubts on how the automobile giant will produce an engine that provides massive 420 horsepower. The hatchback which is going to debut in the Frankfurt Auto Show next month may be stated as superb, according to the information available.

The hybrid car produces its promised 420 horsepower with the help of four cylinder 1.6 liter turbocharged gasoline engine and three sixty horsepower electric motors.

The vehicle replaces the traditional battery with a super capacitor, and the advantage of using a super capacitor instead of a battery is that the new super capacitor is able to quickly respond to power needs of the vehicle, such that it will rapidly absorb and discharge power than the traditional battery used in vehicles.

The vehicle is an all-wheel drive model, in which one electric motor drives each rear wheel. The third electric motor is placed between the engine and the gearbox. This motor is used to deliver power to the super capacitor at the time of braking.

At the time of acceleration, this third motor acts as a generator to power the rear electric motors. It reroutes the power and works as an advanced traction control system to improve handling of the vehicle.