Largest Ever Solar Boat Docks in London

September 6, 2013 / No Comments

The largest solar powered boat in the world has touched the Thames. The boat was on an epic journey for scientific discoveries in the Gulf Stream. PlanetSolar had started its voyage this June from Belgium.

Boat London Largest Ever Solar Boat Docks in London

Researchers from the University of Geneva travelled in the boat and collected samples from the Gulf Stream and the Atlantic Ocean. The boat travelled over 8000 kilometers before completing the ‘PlanetSolar Deepwater’ scientific expedition.

The epic voyage has now ended in London with its entry into the Thames by floating under an open tower bridge in the Thames.

The eco-friendly boat had been in the news since the time of its development due to its zero emission capabilities. The boat boasts 809 solar panels that generate upto 480 kWh on a good sunny day.

The vessel has been stuffed with atmospheric measurement instruments and a crew of nine people for collecting data about the sea and atmosphere. Some of the instruments used in the vessel for experiments are the prototypes of those developed by researchers from University of Geneva.

The vessel is nearly 35m long and 23 m wide. It travels at an average speed of 5 knots. The boat crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 22 days. With zero fuel requirements and zero carbon emissions, the boat, after visiting London, will cross the English Channel and then dock in Paris.