Recycling Old Gold Can Put an End to the Need for More Mining

September 9, 2013 / No Comments

Human love for gold and gold ornaments is nothing new. From time immemorial, people have placed their trust on this yellow metal for its value and glow. According to the US Geological Survey, 171,300 tons of gold have been mined throughput the past and the rate is increasing by 3,000 tons every year.

Gold Recycling Old Gold Can Put an End to the Need for More Mining

But then, do you know that gold mining is bad for the earth? Reportedly, every gold ring generates over 20 tons of toxic substances including cyanide and mercury. Also, gold mining remains one of the leading reasons for mercury pollution. Unfortunately, eco-friendly mining methods can do little to this problem.

So, what is the real solution to eliminate this issue? The only practical solution is to try and recycle the gold we have in our hands. We know gold can be recycled without any quality loss. That means, centuries-old gold can be used as good as new.  Moreover, it will stop the need for more gold mining.

It is estimated that, more than 167,700 tons of gold are on hand, either they are locked in the vaults or made into jewelry. So, the best method is to begin with your old jewelry, because if you store gold in your hands, it will remain as jewelry and not as an investment.

You can recycle your old jewelry to make new and more fashionable ornaments. Also, such jewelry will have an emotional value, as you may have acquired it from your ancestors or close family members.

Leading jewelry makers can also encourage customers by accepting old gold jewelry for recycling, or by giving a credit to customers while purchasing recycled gold.