Colombia to Launch the Largest All-electric Taxi Fleet in South America

September 11, 2013 / No Comments

The city of Bogota in Colombia recently launched a taxi service that is said to be the largest all-electric taxi fleet in South America. For its new BIOTAXIS Project, Bogota has teamed up with the Chinese automaker BYD, where they aim to boost the sales of electric vehicles by replacing conventional taxis with electrical vehicles.

byd e6 Colombia to Launch the Largest All electric Taxi Fleet in South America

According to Dr. Gustavo Petro Urrero, Mayor of Bogota, through this project, customers will be aware of the reduced operational cost of electric vehicles. The electric vehicles used in this green car adoption program are 45 BYD e6 EVs and it offers a single charge range of around 180 miles.

BYD’s first electric taxi program was introduced in 2010, when they deployed their 40 e6 EVs taxi fleet in their home town Shenzhen. The automaker has also teamed up with London authorities, where they will give 50 e6 EVs to their Greentomatocars Project.

Colombia has completely removed import duties on pure electric vehicles like electric buses, truck and taxies and around 2,200 EVs will benefit from this decision. The country has also reduced import duties to 5 percent from 15 percent for other eco-friendly vehicles such as hybrids and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.

According to the World Bank report in 2012, dirty petroleum pollution has caused as many as 5,000 deaths in the country.