GM Data Center Drives IT Efficiency; Accorded LEED Gold

September 16, 2013 / No Comments

In recognition of the energy efficient achievements, the US Green Building Council has awarded the General Motors data center in Detroit the LEED Gold certification. The Gold certification has been awarded to only less than five percent data centers in the country.

GMDataCenter GM Data Center Drives IT Efficiency; Accorded LEED Gold

At the new GM data centre, more than 70 percent of the energy is reduced by using battery free backup power, which runs entirely by mechanical flywheels and in-row cooling system.

The in row cooling system is used to reduce the electricity consumption for cooling the servers. Here heat is contained in a smaller area and so that less air is removed, thereby reducing the use of electricity. The cool climate in the country also helps to save energy for cooling servers.

GM senior vice president and CIO Randy Mott has said that they reduced the number of data centers from 23 to 2, making their IT infrastructure stronger, and by this they are improving application performance, reducing operational costs and energy usage . He added that they are using world class energy saving technology for saving valuable energy.

The company is distributing power at higher voltages, thereby eliminating energy draining transformers, which generate heat while working. This reduces power loss by about 17 percent. After all, the company is monitoring power consumption in a real time basis for ensuring optimal efficiency.