Rimac Greyp G12 Electric Bike Shown Off

September 19, 2013 / No Comments

Electric vehicle maker Rimac, the developers of the Concept One electric car, has now launched their latest electric vehicle named Greyp G12. Basically an electric bicycle, we tend to call it a motorcycle or a moped.

greyp Rimac Greyp G12 Electric Bike Shown Off

The company behind the $1 million Concept One electric car will look to sell the Greyp G12 for around $8000. The new vehicle will be available in the US and European markets starting this month.

The tech specifications of the new model come about as amazing. The company claims that the vehicle has been designed for use as both bicycle and motor cycle. The G12 has a top speed of 65 kmph and a range of upto 120km. Yet another nice feature of the new vehicle is its fast charging capability. The battery will charge fully in about 80 minutes from empty state from a 220v outlet.

The 5-inch touch screen user interface and fingerprint activation technology sound really nice. The user doesn’t need to take the keys anymore.

The finger print technology will save upto 50 users. You can change to either of the two modes of drive available in the device using the fingerprint activation technology.

The 1.3kWh battery pack is mounted centrally inside the frame of the vehicle. The carbon fiber body is another special feature of the vehicle. The vehicle weights just 49 kilogram.

The rider can choose pedal with no assistance, pedal with assistance and also fully motor powered drive. The new e- vehicle from the Croatian automobile manufacturer is really a good choice for the urban passengers.