Google Makes Green Energy Leap with Purchase of 240MW of Wind Power

September 23, 2013 / No Comments

From the development of Android operating system to their upcoming autonomous vehicle, Google is always on the quest for all things new. Now, with its decision to buy 240MW wind power in Texas, the search giant seems to going deeper into green terrain.

wind turbine Google Makes Green Energy Leap with Purchase of 240MW of Wind Power

Google hopes to transform itself into a renewable energy company  and is now investing heavily in renewable energy production so as to achieve the goal of producing 100% renewable energy.

Happy Hereford, outside of Amarillo, is the new wind farm the company has decided to own . The construction of the wind farm will be completed in 2014, and after that Google will start consuming power it produces.

When the new initiative is completed, Google’s total wind energy portfolio will become above 570 MW.  This will be enough to power more than 1, 70,000 US households.

The new wind farm, being developed by a Native American owned company called Chermac Energy, will provide energy to the Southwest Power Pool, which powers Google’s Mayes County, Okla-based data centre.

The energy produced at the farm will not be powering its data centres directly. The company is planning to sell the energy directly to the wholesale market.

Google is not the only company that looks to switch completely to renewable energy. Apple also is on the same path.