Google Health Foray Calico Aims to Tackle Aging

September 24, 2013 / No Comments

Search giant Google is now searching for the fountain of youth and ways to overcome aging. The company is said to be getting deeper into the biotechnology terrain, and the foray into healthcare would be through the creation of a new business called Calico.

Google logo Google Health Foray Calico Aims to Tackle Aging

The healthcare foray company will work to find methods of improving human health and extending life span.

The ambitious project, which aims at increasing human life span and overcome the aging process, will be headed by former Google board member Arthur Levinson, who gained good reputation  as the ex chief executive of biotechnology monarch ‘Genentech’.

Calico is being financed by Google, and the search giant has already garnered a $54 billion stockpile through online activities.

The new announcement was made by Google on September 18 via a post on the company’s corporate blog. The company explained the new business that it will focus on “health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases”.

There is not much official information about the new project is available. The company didn’t disclose any information about how much money they are going to invest on new project.

Google CEO Larry Page has indicated that the new venture won’t be a major commitment. He wrote in a post on his Google Plus profile explaining that investments like this one is very small compared to their core business.