Edinburgh to be Home to Solar-Powered Floating Village

September 25, 2013 / No Comments

In the recent past, one of the most discussed terms is ‘renewable energy’. And the last word in the renewable energy scenario is solar power. More and more countries as well as big companies are now thinking of renewable energy resources.

srt ecobuild1 Edinburgh to be Home to Solar Powered Floating Village

Corporations like Google and Apple have already revealed their plans to go green with solar and wind energy production on a large scale. Now,the latest we hear is that in Edinburgh, the capital city of  Scotland, a solar powered floating village is under construction.

Floating homes have been usual sights in The Netherlands. But in other parts of Europe, they haven’t gained much popularity. The new project in Edinburgh is an ambitious one by a company called Sustainable Renewable Technologies (SRT) EcoBuild.

The company is looking to create eco friendly homes along the waterways of Leith.

srt ecobuild. Edinburgh to be Home to Solar Powered Floating Village

The company’s vision is to create low carbon, energy efficient homes on land and water. Talks are on about the project with the company and authorities on the planning permission for the construction.

The floating village will be powered by solar energy which is created by installing solar panels on top of the roofs and warmth is provided by air source heat pumps.