Tesla Self-driving Cars to Come in 3 Years

September 26, 2013 / No Comments

Elon Musk, CEO of the company and space entrepreneur, has been heard saying that they are ready to jump to the self driving car bandwagon. Tesla will bring on to the streets its semi-autonomous car in the next three years time.

Tesla.Model .Beach  Tesla Self driving Cars to Come in 3 Years

The forthcoming  autonomous driving car from Tesla will allow the driver to handle 90 percent of the control of the car through a specially designed computer system, the Musk claimed.

The company has battled well against automobile giants like General Motors and Renault Nissan with its electric car model and now they are ready to join the race to build self driving cars.

If you remember, Google had some time ago announced that they are going to build a self driving car. Now with Tesla looks set to push Google’s plans to the sidewalk.

The self driving car will be developed using Tesla’s own technology. The company has to overcome many obstacles to fulfill their dream project. Not only technical obstacles, but also legal and safety issues must be successfully overcome.

Car making giants Mercedes- Benz and Nissan have also experimented in this field. Nissan recently claimed that they will release a fully automatic car by 2020. If Musk’s words become true, the ten year old company could cement its place in this automotive segment, as it has successfully become one of the top manufacturers of electric vehicles.