Japan Gets World’s First Inflatable Concert Hall

October 1, 2013 / No Comments

The world’s first large scale inflatable concert hall will open on October 14 in Japan. The hall designed by British Sculptor Anish Kapoor and Japanese Architect Arata Isozaki, is an abstract structure named Ark Nova, and consists of a single skin membrane that can be inflated or deflated easily. This in turn makes transportation easier.

Concert Hall1 Japan Gets World’s First Inflatable Concert Hall

The new concert hall  was made in collaboration with the organizers of Lucerne festival.

The design process of Ark Nova began in 2011 as a cost-effective solution to holding traveling relief concerts after Tsunamis happened in the land of the rising sun.

The first event in the concert hall is scheduled to start this weekend, in the coastal town of MatsushimaCity. As a part of Sweden’s Lucerne Festival, performances include the Sendai Philharmonic, traditional kabuki plays, musical workshops for children, several orchestral and classical pieces will take place in the concert hall.

Seating in the concert hall is made from wood from Tsunami-damaged cedar trees at Zuiganji Temple in Matsushima. The concert hall is made to tour Tsunami-hit areas of the country.