Electric Car Breaks Acceleration Record

October 2, 2013 / No Comments

The belief that electric vehicles can’t rival conventional cars running on fossil fuel in speed is passé. If you aren’t convinced, you need to take a look at this piece of news. The racing team from Delft University of Technology from The Netherlands has now set a new world record for acceleration in the category of electric cars.

ev.record Electric Car Breaks Acceleration Record

The Dutch students broke the world record in the racing car self-built by them by reaching 0 to 100kph acceleration in just 2.15 seconds. This is 20 percent higher than the earlier world record of 2.68 seconds to gain the speed of 100kph (62 mph).

We hear the new record not only resets the world record for EVs but also for all motor cars. The previous world record time for achieving 100 kph acceleration by a motor car was 2.3 seconds which was set three years back.

DUT 12, the electric car built by the students, is a four wheel racer which weighs only 145 kg. The lightweight properties of the car also helped achieve this high acceleration, according to experts.

The electric car was exclusively built for the Formula Students Competition, an annual student engineering event held in the UK. A female student of the racing team, 24 year old Marly Kuijpers was the driver of the record breaking performance. The new record will surely help to improve the image of EVs in automotive world.