Scientists Discover 60 New Species

October 11, 2013 / No Comments

A recent rain forest expedition in Suriname in the Northern South America resulted in the discovery of 60 new species of creatures! The expedition by a group of researchers, including international scientists, was lucky to find many a species discovered.

Rainforest.Frog  Scientists Discover 60 New Species

The news was confirmed by a tropical ecologist with a US-based conservation group.

Suriname is the nation where world’s one of the rarest virgin forests left. Some territories inside the country are still unknown for human beings, and so these places are home to many rare species of creatures.

Leeanne Alonso, the expedition leader at Global Wildlife Conservation, has been quoted as saying that he had conducted many expeditions all over the world, but hasn’t seen such beautiful forests untouched by human beings.

The research team found six new species of frogs from the rain forests in the country. Many species of frogs all over the country are in a phase of probable extinction due to adverse conditions as a result of man-made pollution. The research also found 39 new species of mammals such as rodents and bats.

Suriname is a country whose land area consists of 95 percent natural forests. The country is located in the South American Guiana Shield, which is home to the world’s 24 percent rain forests. The research team collected data about 1378 species including plants, insects and mammals. The team was supported by 30 indigenous local men also.