Renault Hybrid Vehicle by 2020

October 14, 2013 / No Comments

Renault seems to have dived headlong into the hybrid vehicles terrain. The company, established in 1899, is now the third biggest European automaker, and expanding as always. Renault had already entered the electric vehicle scenario in the recent past and made some good impacts with its electric cars.

renault Renault Hybrid Vehicle by 2020

Now the company is reportedly working on a range of vehicles with hybrid power train. Experts in automobile market see the move as encouraging, and have pointed to the fact that hybrid vehicles will rule the market in the future.

Marc Bodin, the power train strategy director at the company, has been quoted as saying in an interview about Renault’s future plans to capture some good market share in the hybrid vehicle scenario that the company is looking towards gradual introduction of hybrids in their range by the year 2020.

The company is working on all available technologies, and is considering every available option from a mild hybrid to a plug in hybrid.

We hear the upcoming hybrid vehicle from Renault is in the ‘exploratory stage’, though the launch date has still not been confirmed. Reports claim that the company is going to introduce hybrid technologies for its low cost Dacia division.