Madinah Airport to turn Eco-friendly

October 16, 2013 / No Comments

The Madinah airport is being converted into Middle East’s first ever eco friendly international airport. Mamdouh Tarabishi, CEO of the newly constructed Prince Mohammed International Airport in Madinah, has revealed the details of the project, saying that 4.5 billion Saudi Riyals will be spent for the expansion project.

Medina Airpor Madinah Airport to turn Eco friendly

To be completed in 2015, the design of the airport will be in the form of palm trees, one of the special features of Madinah.

The authorities are planning to operate new flights from the holy city after the completion of project, which will make the travel of pilgrims easier. A Metro and a rapid bus station will also be constructed along with the airport, and these transport systems will help ply pilgrims from the airport reach the Prophet’s Mosque easily.

According to Tarabishi these two transport systems will be linked with the Haramian Railway which connects the two Holy cities in the country, Makah and Madinah.

The airport’s surface has been designed to receive modern aircraft and will see flights of 45 aircraft land and take off during the Haj season.

The airport features 16 air bridges for passengers to board the aircraft. Each passenger will have to pay SR 80 for using the airport.