2014 BMW i3 Pre-orders Breach Expectations; Production Likely to Go Up

October 17, 2013 / No Comments

The BMW i3 is said to be hitting the popularity terrain in a major way. With pre orders mounting, the car maker is now being prompted t o push up production of the electric vehicle. The amazing popularity even before the car has actually hit retail is something the automotive major seems to be enjoying at the moment.

BMW1 2014 BMW i3 Pre orders Breach Expectations; Production Likely to Go Up

It is expected that the i3 would come to the car maker’s retail spaces by next month. According to current statistics,  8,000-plus customers have already pre-ordered the electric/hybrid compact city car till date.

The growing number of pre-orders have made BMW officials state that the company will have to invest more on making more units of the model available. Demand is definitely on the upswing, even  after everyone knows that the vehicle is not a cheap car by any standard.

If you look at the price tag, you will know that the 2014 BMW i3 would  start at Euros 34,950 in home land Germany, and $41,350 in the United States. As pre-order numbers have climbed, the car maker might even be forced to make available 10,000 units for next year.

This apart, capacity expansion is also being mulled over. Are you among those who have decided to drive the 2014 BMW i3 when it finally arrives at a BMW dealership near you? Tell us why you would go for this EV.