Heliospectra of Sweden Bags Green Technology Award

October 28, 2013 / No Comments

The prestigious SACC New York – Deloitte Green Award has gone to Heliospectra, a Swedish company renowned for its green technology initiatives. As you would know, this green award is presented by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York annually to companies who come up with a breakthrough green technology within the food chain.

staffan Heliospectra of Sweden Bags Green Technology Award

This time around, Heliospectra was picked for the laurel for its efforts in “the field of enhanced agricultural results and sustainable greenhouse farming, in particular for the development of the Heliospectra intelligent LED system”.

Heliospectra is into developing and sell efficient lighting systems that provide control of plant growth and quality. It has been pointed out that “Heliospectra’s patented technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 50 % in greenhouses while at the same time producing a crop that looks and tastes better, and also has a longer shelf-life.”

Staffan Hillberg, CEO at Heliospectra, said in press statement that his team has “an unbreakable focus to create products that can give us a more environmentally friendly future, and it’s great that their hard work is being recognized. There are a lot of good companies working within green technology, so being chosen as the winner of this award is a great honour.”

Heliospectra has this year launched its L4A Series 10 along with advanced software for controlling the light environment. The two innovations had been taken note of by renowned plant scientists and research institutes.