Pet Food Safety Gets Added Focus

October 29, 2013 / No Comments

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has imposed a new rule that would ensure that food made for pets and animals would meet new safety standards. As per the new rule , companies that manufacture pet food and treats will have to follow good manufacturing practices. The new norm would also include identifying potential dangers and looking for effective procedures to prevent and correct such hazards.

dog Pet Food Safety Gets Added Focus

According to reports, the new rule is a part of the US FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act that has been charted out to reduce food-borne ailments. The new rule would of course arm the US FDA with added powers to intervene  so that an outbreak can be prevented.

The FDA had been pushing for feed safety  over the past so many years, and the new rule adds to the norms regarding prohibition of contamination in pet food.  The new rule make the manner in which food safety is adhered to even stricter.

Companies could face a problem in meeting deadlines with regard to compliance, but the authorities will chart out the time to adherence as per the size of the company under the norms.

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