One Solution for Reducing Elephant Poaching In Tanzania

November 4, 2013 / 2 Comments

Tanzania has a severe poaching problem when it comes to elephants. Some estimates show 70 jumbo elephants are poached every day for their ivory tusks. Needless to say, the population of elephants is Tanzania is being decimated.

Poachers often have the latest in equipment that allows them to effortlessly take down the largest of elephants, quickly remove their tusks and flee the area to avoid detection. They are also backed by international organized crime syndicates that can feed the large black market in illegal ivory trade.

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Not only is it hard to catch the poachers, but punishing them if often very difficult. The crime syndicates hire the best defense lawyers that a seemingly endless supply of money can buy. There is allegedly bribery that results in small sentences or even cases being dropped. Trials can also stretch out for an extremely long time, effectively giving the poachers a much better chance of acquittal.

The poaching is affecting Tanzania’s tourist industry which results in hurting the country’s economy. Tanzanian Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Amb. Khamis Kagasheki has come up with a way to help deliver a strong message to the poachers. He addressed participants of the Elephant March, organized by the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators and explained his plan: “Execute the killers (poachers) on the spot.”

While he expects a lot of flak from human rights groups, Amb. Kagasheki expects this bold move to at least reduce the poaching. Poachers may be more wary of killing elephants and may move on to less dangerous criminal activity.

The poachers are notorious for also killing people who might see or inadvertently come across and witness them committing these atrocious killings just for the ivory. I know for a fact that any elephant poachers who are caught in the act Under Amb. Kagasheki ‘s new instructions will not be able to kill anymore elephants or people in the future .