Sir David Attenborough Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Save Gorillas

November 4, 2013 / No Comments

Nature broadcaster and wildlife expert Sir David Attenborough is standing up for the gorillas. In a bid to help save the African mountain gorillas, he has kickstarted a new crowdfunding campaign on

david attenborough Sir David Attenborough Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Save Gorillas

Having set a goal of $160,000 to aid the efforts of Fauna & Flora International in protecting gorillas from poaching and habitat loss, the wildlife expert has called upon the people in a statement which reads “If we are to ensure the survival of mountain gorillas, it is vital that the global community supports our efforts.”

Further elaborating on why he is so passionate about saving the animals, he wrote in the save gorilla campaign homepage that he was sure that a “lethal cocktail of threats including poaching, human encroachment and habitat loss was driving these magnificent, gentle creatures to the very brink of extinction”.

Concerned by the sad plight of the mountain gorillas, he then came over to Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and discussed ways and means to helping the animals survive onslaughts. According to Sir David Attenborough , there are only around 250 mountain gorillas left in the Virungas Massif.

FFI chipped in with efforts to bring in conservation partners and communities that live close to the gorillas and has started working towards achieving the goal.

As of now, an amount of $4,500 has been raised and the campaign will be on till December 11 . The money raised via the campaign will be paid to rangers so as to “secure the habitats, drinking tanks for the animals and breeding programs”.