Frog Named after Film Maker James Cameron

November 8, 2013 / No Comments

Yet another newly discovered species has been named after a celebrity. This time the lucky chap is James Cameron. Cameron’s name was given to a tiny colorful frog found only in the Aprada-tepui summit in Venezuela. The frog has been named Pristimantis jamescameroni.

frog Frog Named after Film Maker James Cameron

In the European Journal of Taxonomy, scientist Dr Philippe Kok says the name has been given in honor of film director, producer, environmentalist and explorer James F. Cameron.

The naming in fact is a recognition of Cameron’s efforts  to alert the general public to environmental problems through “pioneering high quality blockbuster movies and adventurous documentaries.”

According to Kok, Cameron has encouraged people to go vegan, which is an effective way to reduce human environmental impacts such as global climate change.

Interestingly, this development comes as in the midst of the veteran director’s filming of a series of environmental documentary called “Years of Living Dangerously”. The show premieres on Showtime this April as an 8-part series which narrates tales of people who made a direct impact on the global climate change.