Volkswagen Twin Up! Diesel-Electric Concept Heading for Tokyo Show

November 11, 2013 / No Comments

Later this month, when the curtains go up on the Tokyo Motor Show, Volkswagen will look so proud to bring in its latest vehicle to the event podium. The car, a diesel-electric concept, could look like what you have seen before. The car maker has styled the new vehicle on the lines of the earlier Up! city car, and that would explain the resemblance.

volkswagen Volkswagen Twin Up! Diesel Electric Concept Heading for Tokyo Show

The new Volkswagen diesel-electric concept is to be called the Twin-Up! and is expected to go into mass production soon after.

A report suggests that the Twin-Up! will have the capabilities to  offer “214 miles per gallon on the US cycle by combining an 800-cc, two-cylinder diesel and an electric motor”. The plug in option thrown in would help it drive over 30 miles on electric power alone.

It is also being suggested that the Twin-Up!’s powertrain could be an altered variant of the Volkswagen XL1 hybrid system, which we saw earlier.

Features explained include a 47-horsepower electric motor,  and  a 47-hp turbodiesel system. VW is also throwing in extra efforts to push up battery capabilities from 5.5 kWh to 8.6 kWh.

The car will be weightier than the predecessors, and makes it 900 pounds heavier than an XL1. But then, the weight factor would not affect performance. The car has been made to race to 62 mph in 15.7 seconds,  and 37 mph in 8.8 seconds.

Are you in Tokyo to have a glimpse of the Twin-Up!?