Scientists Kill World’s Oldest Animal to Find Out Its Age

November 18, 2013 / 1 Comment

Sometimes scientists can be sooooo stupid! No, I’m not going to rant about their inability to prove the relationship between Carbon Dioxide and either Global Warming or Global Cooling. I am not going to argue any scientific theorem or even show them how easy it is to trisect any angle. I am going to use common sense.

Ming the Clam Worlds oldest animal at 507 years Scientists Kill Worlds Oldest Animal to Find Out Its Age

Sometimes scientists get so wrapped up in their world they become hermits and oblivious to common sense. They become obsessed with their projects and even go to extremes of collapsing from lack of food or from severe dehydration.

And so, a group of scientists killed the world’s oldest animal to find out how old it was. I have never been to Iceland but I can imagine it is pretty remote and cold if it lives up to its name, and who knows what sensory deprivation numbed the scientists’ brains. R.I.P Ming the Clam.

When Ming the Clam was found in 2006, scientists knew it was really old. They also knew if you counted the lines of a clam’s hinge ligament. By using their brains which may have been below the common intelligence of the common mollusk, the pulled out a knife and slit it open

Since clams usually die when they are split open, Ming the Clam did not survive. They counted the marks on the hinge ligament and figured 405 years was the age of Ming the Clam. However Mr. Clam was no longer the oldest living animal as it he succumbed to his injuries.

Scientists recently took a look at the long-deceased clam named because he was alive during the Ming Dynasty. They counted the rings on the external surface of the shell. Oops! If the original scientists had done this seven years ago, Ming the Clam would still be the world’s oldest living creature. It was also discovered that Ming the Clam was really 507 years old!

I’m wondering: did they cook up a big pot of clam chowder?