Tesla Model S to Start Rolling Out in the UK for £49,900

November 19, 2013 / No Comments

It seems like awesome new for the Brits this time. Tesla’s Model S electric car will officially start selling in the country soon.

tesla Tesla Model S to Start Rolling Out in the UK for £49,900

The Model S will start selling in the United Kingdom for £49,900 , which in other words is about $84,400. This comes after a £5,000 deduction from the UK Plug-in Grant.

Though it might be more costly that in the United States, but this comes with all kinds of things like shipping, European value-added taxes, import duties and the like.

Since the UK is a rather small country, more customers are expected to pick up models with a small battery capacity. This might as well compensate for the extra cost.

Tesla is expected to grow and become a mainstream car; they could also be opening a new factory in either in Europe or in Asia. But all this could take more than a couple of years.

They are also working to establish a chain of supercharger stations throughout the country.  This will also allow the owners of the car to fully charge their batteries in half an hour.

In Germany, the 60 kWh model starts at €71,400 which is $94,512); the 85 kWh version at €81,750 ($108,212). In Belgium and the Netherlands, they start at €72,600 ($96,101) and €83,150 ($110,066).

These prices will mostly fall in future as the battery technology is set to improve. But fact remains that it is still a lot of cash, hopefully it will someday stoop down to be a commoner’s vehicle.