Kansas City’s New Challenge: World’s Tallest, Fastest Waterslide

November 22, 2013 / No Comments

The world’s tallest and fastest water slider, Verruckt Meg-A-Blaster, will reportedly open in Kansas City soon. This one will allegedly break the record set by the current Brazilian giant water slider, which itself is 134.5 feet tall and moves at a speed of 65.2 miles per hour.

verruckt Kansas Citys New Challenge: Worlds Tallest, Fastest Waterslide

A photo of the soon to be record maker that is coming up at has left the social media users both in awe and angst. The photo shows the new wonder which is under construction to have a right angle drop!

Kansas City Star says the slide is being built at the Schlitterbahn park, and is expected to start functioning from May 23, when the park opens for its new season. Interestingly the first word of the slide, “Verruckt” in German means “insane.”

The park says they are not keen on revealing the details on the exact speed and height of their new trophy until it opens. The co-owner of the park, Schlitterbahn says that this new Meg-A-Blaster speed slide will be a game changer for the amusement park industry. He says their real challenge now is to find the thrill seekers who are brave enough to take up the ride.

Most of the “netizens” who read posts or stories of the same said that they are too afraid to give it a try. A reader opined in the gawker.com that he feels like at some point he might just fall off, and it would not be fun. And of course, it will be a complete no-no for people who are afraid of heights, but another reader jokes in site that when compared to this, even his fear seems “cuddly and funny”.