Tiny Island Takes Shape Following Volcanic Eruption

November 25, 2013 / No Comments

A new island has taken birth. Following an underwater volcano eruption south of Japan, the tiny piece of land has emerged from the down below and formed itself into a new little island.

volcano Tiny Island Takes Shape Following Volcanic Eruption

All of 600 feet in diameter, it isn’t even an island per se. We need to call it an islet.

It has been reported that the islet was created thanks t a volcano located in the Izu-Bonin-Mariana system, which is in fact an array of volcanoes in the western Pacific, south of Japan.

The new islet that has taken shape is located off the coast of the island Nishino-Shima,  which also is uninhabited.

The question now on scientists’ minds is how long the islet would survive. Going by what  Bruce Houghton, a professor of volcanology at the University of Hawaii, told the LA Times, such kinds of islands have had shorter lives due to the fact that “they are built of ash and larger rock particles that get eroded by wave action.”

It is however hoped that the new islet could stay on for a while. That’s however a possibility, that stems from the fact that plumes of steam and ash take shape due to the sea water mixing with magma.

And in case the islet adds more to its self, a stable skin and tougher nature would be imparted to the island as sea water will be pushed away from the magma.

We need to watch how this one decides to survive.