Ice Box Offers Spring Sourced Water in a Recyclable Box

December 6, 2013 / No Comments

In a bid to provide an eco-conscious and healthy product for families, Ice Box is offering to customers fresh, safe, and eco-friendly water packaged sustainably at the source of a fresh spring. The realization that a family would have health, value, and convenience as the most important factors in mind while shopping for food, has prompted the company to come out with this product.

icebox Ice Box Offers Spring Sourced Water in a Recyclable Box

What Ice Box offers is fresh spring sourced water packaged in cartons that are FSC Certified, and composed of 74% paper, 76% less plastic than a traditional PET bottle.

Moreover, Carbon Footprint is 76% less than a PET bottle.

The company says in its website that even after shipping from Norway to the US, the carton’s carbon footprint is 50% less than a traditional PET bottle produced in the US. The cartons are also compostable.

These cartons that store fresh water inside for you are 100% Recyclable, 100% BPA free and helps water to stay cooler or a longer period than traditional plastic bottles.