Gillian Anderson Poses Topless with an Eel for a Cause

December 9, 2013 / No Comments

Joining several activists’ groups’ initiative to phase out deep ocean fishing in the Northeast Atlantic is Gillian Anderson. The actress, familiar to us through her roles like Scully on TV show and The X files,  just took off her top, and made a bold call.

anderson Gillian Anderson Poses Topless with an Eel for a Cause

Anderson has teamed up with BLOOM Association and Fishlove for this initiative. With her hair tied up, and topless figure also poses with an eel in an effort to make people think. Anderson will also be seen promoting a petition to the leaders of European Parliament, encouraging them to go ahead with the ban.

The petition reads that all the animals that live in the deep ocean are being systematically destroyed by massive fishing nets that catch or crush everything in their path. But in days, the European Parliament could vote to protect one of the world’s most precious deep-sea habitats.

Making us understand the importance of the ban, the petition says “The deep ocean is the largest habitat on the planet — teeming with all kinds of unique marine life including corals and sponges that live for thousands of years.

But deep-sea bottom trawlers are destroying them – dragging giant weighted nets, fixed to cables and steel plates more than 2 tonnes each, across the ocean floor to catch a small number of low value fish. It’s like clear-cutting a forest to catch a few squirrels!”

Anderson is promoting the petition on Twitter and the initiative is already a success. The petition has gathered more than 5000 of the 10,000 signatures they seek need.

Let’s wish all the best for Gillian and her team!