30 Nations Unite Against Illegal Ivory Poaching

December 17, 2013 / No Comments

To put an end to illegal ivory trade, 30 countries have come together for the African Elephant Summit for the first time. This illegal trade has been affecting the population of elephants in the continent.

Ivory 30 Nations Unite Against Illegal Ivory Poaching

In 2012, according to reports, 22,000 elephants were killed. Researchers say that almost 20 percent would be killed in the coming decade, if things remain unchecked.

In response to this, many African and Asian countries vowed to take zero tolerance on illegal ivory trade. These countries, from now on, see wildlife trafficking as a serious crime subject to international law.

Botswana President Ian Khama said that if this isn’t prevented from happening now, future generations will scorn us for not reacting. He urged both Africa and Asia to join its machineries, and fight against elephant poaching.

Other than this, measures like increasing multi country cooperation, reinforcing national wildlife laws and mobilizing financial and technical resources were also discussed.

IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefevre said that enduring poverty and rampant corruption, fuelled by an increasing demand from Asia, are all creating an impossible situation for Africa’s elephants.

She added that the need for addressing the issue  of organized crime in ivory trafficking is urgent, along with punishing the guilty.