Mitsubishi Standalone Hybrid Evo Successor in the Works

December 20, 2013 / No Comments

Mitsubishi is bringing into play different things in different people’ s minds. If it is the environment friendly EVs for some, for others it is about the killer performance and evolution of Lancer. Though many thought Mitsubishi will now only focus on EVs, the latest information that is out point otherwise. Mitsubishi is about to club both of them together to bring about a new Evo.

mistubishi Mitsubishi Standalone Hybrid Evo Successor in the Works

Mitsubishi is also working to shrink its line up  from 23 models on 12 different platforms to 13 models on 7 by 2016. This also points out that the coming Evo will be nothing short of unique. The new Evo will stand aloof from the coming Lancer to be a hybrid model.

There are also reports that suggest that the company will mostly install small direct-injection turbo engine, mostly a diesel one that might be heavily based on the the 1.1-liter, three-cylinder turbo engine in the XR-PHEV concept that was showcased in Tokyo.

The system will supplement small electric motors with lightweight batteries and driving all four wheels through an enhanced version of the company’s Super All-Wheel Control system.

Now whether Evo will be exactly the same is something that is yet to be seen. But from what we hear, there are reasons to be excited about.