Electric-only Buses Come to London Roads

December 31, 2013 / No Comments

In the midst of people crying out for bike friendly roads rather than electric cars, here comes London’s first only electric bus. And yes, there is a sizeable crowd pleased to go the electric way, given the practicalities of bike riding may always not be fruitful.

electric bus Electric only Buses Come to London Roads

For London, this year’s Christmas gift is all about improving mass transit and advanced battery-electric vehicle technology, and also the launch of their first purely electric buses.

At first the vehicles are slated to run short inner city routes to test the technology and also to explore the options for expansion. These electric beauties are the first of their kind.

Chinese manufacturer BYD Auto says these zero-emission buses  will reduce the running costs by about three quarters when you compare it with a diesel bus. It also gives a 250km mileage on a four or five hour charge. This means that the charge will stay for a full day.

Six electric buses will further be introduced into the TfL fleet early next year; four of them are being funded by the Department of Transport’s Green Bus Fund. Meanwhile the other two are funded by Transport for London’s technology demonstration budget.

London is also set to launch another running 1,700 hybrid buses by 2013, which will eventually cover a fifth of its fleet.