Abandoned Bus Recycled into a Mini Traveling Hotel

January 2, 2014 / No Comments

Rescued from the rust a scrap yard has to offer, the old city bus now has been brought back to life by a carpenter. The Big Green Bus , which was originally a 1982 metro bus, is now a three room traveling rental accommodation, thanks to Adam Collier-Woods!

Green bus uk Abandoned Bus Recycled into a Mini Traveling Hotel

Collier says that his attraction for buying and restoring the old bus, turned out to be the ability to save something from dying into “one massive recycling exercise.” Collier-Woods bought the 31-year-old public transport bus on eBay for £4,500.

Collier-Woods say that once he searched through eBay, he found that double-deckers were not as expensive as he thought it was.

After buying one for £4,500 he wanted people to experience how it is to stay inside something like this.

He says he spent over $16,000 to maintain its vintage look. He renovated various furnishings both inside and outside, and also painted the bus green!

bus Abandoned Bus Recycled into a Mini Traveling Hotel

He took about six months to complete his project of restoring the aged bus into a vacation rent out. It comes with two double bedrooms, a kitchen and also a log-burning stove.  It can accommodate up to six people and is of course a great option for anyone who is looking to explore the English countryside.