3 UK weekend breaks to rejuvenate you after the Christmas stress

January 14, 2014 / No Comments

Yet another Christmas has come and gone. It’s strange how we look forward to it so much, and we enjoy it immensely when it arrives, but within a day or two of its passing, we’re usually glad to see the back of it. Most of us have eaten too much, drunk more than is good for us and spent a fortune on buying presents and filling the fridge with Christmas fare. In the process, we’ve also managed to exhaust ourselves preparing for the fun and festivities.

weekend vacation 3 UK weekend breaks to rejuvenate you after the Christmas stress

In short, we need an antidote to over-indulgence and a little something to keep away those Christmas blues. So it’s good to know that we can break out of those same four walls and head off to the country for a few days to recover. What’s more, January is low season in much of Europe, so it’s fantastic time to travel if you want to get more for your money.

So whether you’re a UK resident or travelling from further afield, here are a few ideas for cheap weekend breaks around the British Isles for a trip that will rejuvenate without hurting your New Year budget

Mountains, Lakes and Forests

The Scottish Highlands, The Lake District, the Mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland and Snowdonia are just a few regions of the UK blessed with exceptional scenery at any time of year. Keep in mind, though, that it’s still mid-winter in the UK so it’s not a good idea to go anywhere too remote. Choose a pleasant hotel not too far from civilisation and enjoy the marvels of nature that surround you.

Seaside Resorts

Obviously, sun-bathing and swimming aren’t on the menu at this time of year, but seaside resorts during this season still have a distinctive charm – and a lot fewer crowds! Nothing invigorates and refreshes more than pleasant walks on a deserted beach, filling our lungs with the sea air in relative solitude. Expect generously discounted hotel room rates in favourites like Brighton and Whitby during this off-peak season.

Historic Towns

For those who prefer to stay within more urban confines, a visit to any of Britain’s historic towns can be just what’s needed. Bath, Stratford-on-Avon, Windsor, Stirling and many other towns offer fascinating insights into the past and have a unique ‘Olde Worlde’ atmosphere that can transport you back to simpler times.

Wherever your preferred destination awaits, a well-chosen weekend break will dispel all traces of that post-Christmas slump. You’ll return renewed and revived, but still grateful for the fact that ‘Christmas comes but once a year’!

Images by Andrea_44, used under Creative Commons license