Hyundai Brand New Green Car in the Works

January 28, 2014 / No Comments

What Hyundai announced at the Washington Auto Show this week came as glad news for environmentalists. The car maker had said that its Tucson would the “next-generation EV.” But we hear American shores will soon get the H2 vehicle that will actually beat an EV.

hyundai fuel cell Hyundai Brand New Green Car in the Works

Hyundai’s tests on hitting the EV market have gone around the rumor mill a few times. The Korean giant had many a time flaunted its BlueOn EV, which was based on i10. Michael O’Brien, the vice president of corporate and product planning for Hyundai Motor America has been quoted as saying the new EV that is going to be shipped to the US would be entirely different.

The new compact-class EV from Hyundai could be based on demand, and it could be sold only in places like California, where there are hydrogen fuelling stations

O’ Brien has said this one will be a new product to hit the factory most probably in three years. Hyundai says they are still confident in hydrogen as the no pollution solution.

O’Brien also cited range anxieties as the prime obstacle that hinders people from resorting to EVs. Yet, with strict emission regulations, automakers will be forced to look at other options. And yes, Hyundai is all set to jump in!

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