Indonesia to Boost Shrimp Farming with Eco-friendly Technology

January 31, 2014 / No Comments

The Central Sulawesi provincial administration in Indonesia is all set to champion a new, environmentally-friendly technique for the growth of shrimp farming production. A new technology, will help for the cultivation of the vannamei shrimps. The Supra Intensive Indonesia (SII) is soon going to replace the farming technique.

shrimp Indonesia to Boost Shrimp Farming with Eco friendly Technology

SII was launched in October by Indonesia Aquaculture Community head Rokhmin Dahur  in Barru regency in South Sulawesi. The SII technology was first introduced at a shrimp farm owned by Hasanuddin Atjo, who heads Central Sulawesi Maritime and Fishery Agency. He is also the designer of Supra Intensive Indonesia technology.

Hasanuddin has been quoted as advising that the shrimp pond should measure approximately a 1,000 square meters and  also need water to the depth of 270 centimeters.  This pond is surrounded by an embankment,  and the base is lined with concrete.

A central drain dumps shrimp waste, excess food and every other waste every six hours. In order to maintain oxygen supply, windmills, root blowers and turbo jets are used, he says. The highest ever yield was recorded in February, 2013 when a hundred days after 750,000 shrimp fries in the pond, 15.3 tons of shrimp were collected at a value of Rp 750 million (US$62,000).

Hasanuddin adds that an initial capital of Rp 425 million was needed to build a 1,000 square meter pond. The SII technology was also utilized in Central Sulawesi. The ponds in which they experimented could produce 15.3 tons of vannamei shrimps per cycle.

Separately, Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola also said that the application of the technology would have a positive impact on Central Sulawesi’s contribution to the national production of shrimp, and also for its domestic economy. Longki said that they are optimistic we can supply 30 per cent of the nation’s shrimp requirement.