Merck to Take Chimpanzees Out from Testing Labs

February 4, 2014 / No Comments

Merck has decided to tread a more humane path, when it comes to using animals as test subjects. The third largest pharmaceutical company in the world has resolved to put an end to using chimpanzees to test its products. The decision comes after realisation that “science has advanced” and that they don’t really need to do it anymore.

chimpanzee Merck to Take Chimpanzees Out from Testing Labs

The decision has Merck & Co to join two dozen drug makers who have decided to end animal testing for their products. It needs to be believed that more and more companies have been toeing the same line after the advent of better technology and also due to increased pressure from animal rights organisations.

The new decision would bring good news to the 1000 plus chimpanzees that are now housed in the various research labs. Kathleen Conlee of the Humane Society of the United States has been quoted as saying that all these animals are likely to be “retired” to sanctuaries by 2020.

It is being reported that Conlee is now trying to convince hired testing companies to stop holding back the chimps and also to make them help sanctuaries to  take care of them in the future.