Northeast US Braces For A Snowstorm Even As Spring Comes Knocking On The Door!

March 24, 2014 / No Comments

Much of the US and Europe are just starting to recover from one of the harshest winters in recent times and even before the fresh spring goodness arrives, there is an impending prospect of more snow and gloom.

US snowstorm Northeast US Braces For A Snowstorm Even As Spring Comes Knocking On The Door!

That’s right, seems like Mother Nature decided to take a detour from her usual spring route and it will be the Northeast US and Atlantic Canada that will bear the brunt of this chilly detour!

A major snowstorm expected to hit this region this Tuesday and Wednesday with eastern New England and Nova Scotia already gearing up to face a full-blown blizzard.

The storm that is quickly moving in from the Gulf of Alaska might play spoilsport with many of your spring plans, but experts say that it is neither unusual nor unseasonal.

Meteorologist Jean-Marc Couturier says “it’s not unusual for the region to get a blast of winter in springtime.” And it is going to be no breeze either, as weather forecasts already dub it as one of the strongest blizzards of the season.

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New England will also see significant rainfall and snowfall in the coming week along with pretty strong winds.

The effect of the storm will be felt from Maine to South Carolina as the entire East Coast will experience unusually low temperatures in the next two week.

Meteorologists though are still not certain about the severity of snowfall and say it is too early to make any such predictions. For those living in the region, it seems like a break from winter cold just took a longer hiatus!