The Worst Oil Spills in Human History

March 25, 2014 / No Comments

The world has witnessed a spate of life threatening oil spills in the recent history. The causes of oil spills are numerous and so are the consequences.

The Worst Oil Spills in Human History The Worst Oil Spills in Human History

This is an open secret that crude oil is highly toxic and has detrimental effects on our ecology. The ill effects are visible even after the petroleum has dried up from the ocean surface.

A plethora of oil spills has severely ravaged our ecosystem beyond repair, few of which finds a mention here. In the year 1967, the worst oil spill in the history of the United Kingdom occurred when BP Tanker Torrey Canyon struck a reef between the Sicily Isles and the Cornish mainland.

The oil spill was nothing short of a nightmare and UK administration eventually bombed the ship to destroy it and prevent further loss.

In the year 1978 Tanker Amoco Cadiz, fell victim to gales while approaching the English Channel. Consequently, 56 million gallons of oil spilled and covered 100 miles up to French Coast.

The year 1991 witnessed two of the most notorious oils spills in the history. Termed as the most atrocious oil spills in the Mediterranean region, the first took place in the coast of Genoa.

Owing to some technical error, the oil tanker MT Haven exploded during the process of oil transfer and caused 11.6 million gallons to spill into the sea.

The second oil spill was though deliberate, when Iraqi military to counter the advancement of US led forces, opened the valves of an oil well into the Persian Gulf. However, the ploy did not work but the precious oil wasted still haunts the oceanic life in the gulf.

The disastrous consequences of toxic oil spills can be judged by the fact that petroleum sediments are still visible in the depths of water bodies that still hamper the growth of flora and fauna at the seabed.

More importantly, the life cycle of various organisms residing in the sea have registered a change for good.