Scientist Claims To Have Solved The Hawking Radiation Mystery In Black Holes

March 26, 2014 / No Comments

The mysteries of the universes are indeed infinite and while we busily unravel one, another million unfold in front of us. Both the discovery and the subsequent theories surrounding them have been shrouded in many such mysteries.

Physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking was the man who first postulated the existence of a featureless glow that black holes radiate, which is now called the ‘Hawking radiation’.

And Michigan State University researcher, Chris Adami now claims he has filled the loophole that has persisted in the theory since 1975.

A Visualization of Blackhole Information Scientist Claims To Have Solved The Hawking Radiation Mystery In Black Holes

The original theory claimed that Hawking radiation slowly consumes the black hole until it disappears completely from the universe.

This also meant that every trace of all the matter that the black hole absorbed also instantly evaporated with it. For physicists, this was unacceptable as it altered the balance in the universe and total energy every time a black hole vanished!

Called the ‘information paradox’, it was a problem left unsolved for decades.

The solution to the conundrum was offered in the form of stimulated emission of radiation, which Adami claims accompanies the Hawing radiation.

The new addition to the theory states that every black hole makes a photocopy of all the information it takes in and leaves it outside before pulling off the final disappearing act. Hence, the signal persists as a part of the universe and there is no information gone missing!

There is no doubt that the new theory will be tested and examined thoroughly by the best minds in the world and could be revised several times in the next few decades, much like the original version proposed by Hawking.