UN Panel Climate Report To Be Released on March 31; Many Pointers To Asian Cities

March 30, 2014 / No Comments

The much awaited reported from UN Panel will be out on Monday, March 31, which will talk on the impacts of climate change on certain regions, natural resources and human settlements.

UN Panel Climate Report UN Panel Climate Report To Be Released on March 31; Many Pointers To Asian Cities


To be released in Japan’s Yokohama, the report will put some light on how some of the major Asian cities might be at risk with rising levels of sea, including for cities like Dhaka, Kolkata and Mumbai.

The UN Panel consists of hundreds of researchers, government representatives and scientists around the globe and finalized the report on Saturday.

The report from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will have a close look on many global warming prospects and can change the way most policymakers think around the world, according to reports on a leaked draft.

The first leaked version was released in a leading publication, and if that is to be believed, there are tough times ahead with huge impact on natural resources like drinking water and overall global economy.

The impacts of global warming on other essentials such as food-grain production and human settlements will be talked about in the report, with Asia remaining the main focus of the brunt.

It is being speculated that the report will talk of Himalayan glaciers and Indo-Gangetic plains. If the reports are to be believed at the leaked stage, there can be a huge fight for fresh-water resources in India,

Back in 2007, the report had some serious flaws, which is why experts are taking every word of new report seriously. Another report is expected in a month, which will talk of mitigation of climate change.