Narendra Modi as Indian Prime Minister could be an environmental disaster

March 31, 2014 / 1 Comment

Many perceive the accession of Narendra Modi to the seat of India’s next Prime Minister as a potent threat to our environment.

Modi 108 commandos Narendra Modi as Indian Prime Minister could be an environmental disaster


The harbinger of “the Gujarat Model” of economic development in a recent declaration made his intentions clear regarding the reopening of mining activities in the concerned areas. 

This goes on to substantiate the apprehensions of environment enthusiasts’ that they foster against the BJP Prime ministerial candidate big time.

The environment aficionados have valid reasons to do so, as the mining activities have severe implications on environment. Moreover, the supreme court of the land has banned the mining and related activities to ensure that mining does not incur any further harm to the environment.

The Modi brand of economics resides on the concept of facilitating the corporate sector at all expenses, where sustainability takes a back seat.

The man in contention has a history of diluting all established rules and norms and brutally curbing any dissent that he may confront.

The other cause of concern is the proposed “Statue of Unity”, a colossal figure dedicated to the Sardar Vallab Bhai Patel, which is being perceived as a major threat to the ecology.

The land acquired to build the statue has left people of 70 villages devoid of their land and water resources. Moreover, the project involves a 30 km dam that ignores the humongous detrimental effects on the ecology of the area.

Moreover, scores of other contentious issues like proposed nuclear power station in Bhavnagar district and the reckless industrial intrusions into the ecosystem that the local population heavily relies upon were dealt with a heavy hand.

Therefore, if the authoritarian attitude of Modi gets its way, then the friends of environment has serious reasons to bother.